18 July 2010

Soul Eater: Medusa Gorgon

soul eater cosplay - medusa gorgon by amyschn

Sinister, scheming, and incredibly cunning, Medusa is a snake-like witch who researched on the effects of black blood. She hoped to use black blood in order to control Asura and reshape the world as she sees fit. Her body contains 1000 magical snakes which can be used as weapons known as “Vector Arrows”.

German cosplayer ~amyschn aka Amy makes an incredible Medusa! Wonderful photography work by ~asuKai too! I really love the detailed paint work and the expression on her face. Thanks to Stella for sending this in!


  1. I don't know the character at all, but I do so love the paintwork too. I seriously, SERIOUSLY need to watch that series >.<

  2. I only watched the series because of this picture xD

  3. Honestly one of the best cosplay jobs I've ever seen! Everything is spot on, and no part of it looks fake of tacky! Super well done!