21 July 2010

Card Captor Sakura: The Watery

card captor sakura cosplay - the watery by federkielOne of the elemental cards in Card Captor Sakura, the Watery enjoyed staying with its element in the town’s aquarium as it has the ability to control water. This is the fourth card Kinomoto Sakura captures in her quest to retrieve all the Clow Cards that have scattered. She was able to seal Watery by using the Windy and Fly Cards.

Cosplayer ~Federkiel takes an artistic approach to the Watery card with breath-taking results! I love all the blue and green hues she used in this cosplay. Her photographer, =Andy-K did an excellent job as well as her make-up artists *wanasabi and *Naraku-Sippschaft. Thanks to Ian for sending this in!


  1. I love artistic approaches when it comes to cosplaying the Cards. She looks fabulous :D

  2. wow, breath-taking.