27 October 2008

Oh! My Maid: Shuka

unknown cosplay 015 - oh! my maid cosplay - shukaI realize that this image looks a little bit on the generic side like most Unknown Entries, so trying to figure out who this is will be a pain…

But I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful her wig looks that I had to share it with everyone.

Then again, she could be from a game I don’t know of again, since I’m more familiar with anime than games, right?

So, does anyone have any guesses?

EDIT: Thanks to No_name for commenting that this is Shuka from Oh! My Maid.


  1. this character is from a yaoi manga.

  2. This is not Shuka. I believe this is Koto! Shuka dressed differently in chinese-like attires, I think!

  3. Eh? Really?

    ...I'm not sure now, because it looks like Koto has white hair and Shuka has reddish hair? They both seem to wear this costume too. ;x;