08 September 2008

Unknown Entry 008

unkknown cosplay 008San Diego held a Comic Con back in August 2008. A lot of people were cosplaying several characters ranging from games, anime, movies, and comic book characters.

I found this picture from a friend, and it’s originally found on this blog. The details on her costume are amazing, and I wonder, is she cosplaying someone, or is this original?

Thanks for sharing the photo!


  1. Looks like a straight up belly dance outfit- I've seen enough people showing up to conventions in them to believe it.

    But that's just me.

    Past that, I do wonder what person designed and created the constume.

  2. Maybe... but I also wonder why they'd do such a thing? ^^;;;

  3. sponat muss ich an
    Magic Knight Rayearth

    mmmh... Tatra.... but the cosplayers hair is too ... curley... i think

  4. Eh? I don't recall anyone from Rayearth who looks like that... I think?

  5. I would have said it was Akasha from the Anne Rice books (The vampire lestat; Queen of the damned) I could be very off though.

  6. To me it looks like some "bellydancey-pimped" version of the Slave Leia outfit from Star Wars ;)