13 September 2008

Fruits Basket: Souma Hatsuharu

fruits basket cosplay - souma hatsuharu

The cursed Ox of the Souma Family, Hatsuharu has a split personality similar to that of Yin and Yang. The Souma family refers to his calmer side as “White” and his violent side as “Black”, which is similar to the Zodiac’s personal attributes.

He wear a lot of accessories, to which the Mangaka, Takaya Natsuki claims he makes himself.

Isn’t Haru cute? The hair’s just right with the black under the white. I hope Fruits Basket gets a 2nd Season!


  1. Isn't Hatsuharu one of the most adorable characters ever? *o*

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! i fucking love this sooooo much

  3. This guy is now on our list to kidnap.