01 September 2008

Original: "Human with Feathers"

unknown cosplay 007 I’ve been wondering about this cosplay for quite some time, and yet I still have no idea who she is or where she’s from.

I had initially thought she could be an angel from Angel Sanctuary, or maybe from a series known as D.N.Angel. But I can’t find any anime images of angels that look like her.

Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: Thanks to Hydell for letting me know this is an original cosplay by Kaya.

Kaya took the elements she loved and put them together for this private photo shoot. From what I can understand, this is not really an angel to her, but more like a simple person born with wings. Very beautifully done, wouldn't you agree? Thanks also to Ayaki for the wonderful photography!


  1. it's an original cosplay by Kaya

    her link

  2. Oh, thank you, Hydell. I'll edit this right away. :D

  3. I noticed this photo on deviantart and here it says the photo was taken by ayaki? is the post on deviantart taking credit for a photo taken by someone else?

  4. I don't know for sure... Perhaps if you post the link for the Deviant Art one, I can try to contact the person there?

  5. Um I heard the cosplay was done by a guy. Not sure but it was on cosplay-ftw.com or something...

  6. i can tell you people for sure this babe isn't from Angel Sanctuary i readed all the manga and watched the anime she isn't from Angel Sanctuary

  7. yeah that 'girl' is flat chested .___.