25 October 2013

Chobits / Marvel: Chi and Deadpool

chobits marvel cosplay crossover - chi and deadpool

While waiting for the second batch of cosplayers to walk on to the stage, I saw this adorable scene of Chi sitting with Deadpool. I think a conversation between these two characters would be pretty interesting, so even though the photo is pretty blurry, I wanted to feature them anyway.

I found out on the Octo Con event page that Deadpool’s cosplayer is Mark Anthony Vibas. He was pretty funny when he danced to Hatsune Miku’s “The World is Mine”, and he was a great stand up comedian too! I do hope I get to see more of him and his cosplays in future events.

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

24 October 2013

Oh No! Manga Octocon 2013 Cosplay Competition Judges

oh no manga octocon 2013 judges - jia gold bustamante, kurohiko, and neneko

So, as requested, here is a photo of Miss Jia Gold Bustamante, Neneko, and myself while were waiting for the cosplay competition to start. It was a great honor to meet two very famous cosplayers, and even though my Chinese is not very good, I still managed to talk a little with Neneko after the convention.

Miss Jia and I were both pretty surprised that we both had red hair. I like hers better though… I want long hair too!

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

23 October 2013

Fate/Stay Night: Saber 15

fate/stay night cosplay - saber 15

The scattered fragments
Catch them with those hands
Hold my swaying heart
And leap toward the night

Even though I depend on someone
There is nothing else that I wish for
My true self is right here
Don’t close your eyes

Lyrics and Translation by Anime Lyrics

She made me go “aww~” when she went up on stage. I think she was the little cosplayer who was having a hard time with the really big steps on stage, but she was definitely a cute little professional! If anyone knows who she is, feel free to let me know!

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

Parasite Eve: Mitochondria Eve

parasite eve cosplay - mitochondria eve

The main villainess of the series, Mitochondria Eve is a fictional character who pays homage to the African woman, or more likely a group of African women, whose mitochondria genome was descended to all human beings today. In the game, Mitochondria Eves are women who have been taken over by the consciousness of the mitochondria, or “energy factories”, in their cells. Although their powers differ, all Eves have the ability to affect the mitochondria of other living animals to produce excessive adenosine triphosphate, resulting in spontaneous combustion.

Her hands and hair were the most impressive features of her cosplay. I’ve played Parasite Eve before, and that look she gave the audience made me shiver a little. Wish I had a better photo though! But those are the breaks!

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

22 October 2013

Card Captor Sakura: Yue 02

card captor sakura cosplay yue at octocon 2013Just as Cerberus is the elector of the new Clow Card Master, Yue is the judge who tests the candidate if they are worthy of the position. Unlike Cerberus, however, Yue is heavily dependent on the power of his master. During his first few appearances in this form, Sakura’s powers were not enough to sustain him, and his human self, Yukito, had to compensate by means of food and sleep.

A cosplay judge is not supposed to play favorites, but oh my goodness. I had a sneaking suspicion this cosplayer had something up his sleeve when I saw a pair of folded wings behind him. Imagine my surprise when those wings opened and closed on stage! Kudos to you sir! I want wings like that too!

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

EDIT: Cosplayer found! Please say hello to Oliver Catalan!

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Dark Magician

yu-gi-oh! cosplay dark magician

At the height of his battle with Thief King Bakura in Ancient Egypt, Mahad fused his Life Spirit with the “Illusion Magician” to create the Dark Magician. He continued to serve his Pharaoh in this form. The Dark Magician’s card inscription writes:

The ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense.

Also quite an impressive cosplayer in the competition! I curious as to how they made that armor and staff. In case you know the cosplayer, please feel free to comment here or in Facebook!

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

21 October 2013

One Piece: Dracule “Hawk-Eye” Mihawk

one piece cosplay dracule hawk-eye mihawkOne of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Dracule Mihawk is said to be the strongest swordsman in the world. His sword resembles a zweihänder, a two-handed sword used in during the Renaissance period, only his is much larger and has a curved, single-edged blade. Mihawk served as Roronoa Zoro’s swordsmanship teacher during the two-year time skip.

I hope you guys don’t mind the amount of features for today! What impressed me about this cosplayer the most was that sword. He managed to carry it around the con, and even wield it on stage without much of a problem. I wonder how he made it?

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

EDIT: Cosplayer has been found! Please say hello to Rene Javier!

RWBY: Weiss Schnee

rwby cosplay weiss schneeAn allusion of Snow White, Weiss Schnee is German for “white” and “snow” respectively. Not much is known about the character as of yet, but she is the wielder of the Myrtenaster, a rapier equipped with glyphs that channel the energy of Dust.

I’m a little sad that the photo is not as clear as it could be. This was the best I could do given my situation as a judge of the cosplay competition. Maybe next time, I will just go as a photographer. Who knows?

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen: Kirakishou

Oh No! Manga OCTO CON 2 has come and gone, and I have a few decent photos to share with you guys. If I could, I would have taken a lot more, but I was the judge for the Cosplay, Art, and Coloring competitions, so you can imagine how busy I was running here and there!

It was a great experience overall though… I would tell you all about it, but I’m pretty sure you’re all more interested with the photos instead, yes? Let’s hop to it then!

rozen maiden zuruckspulen cosplay kirakishou

The true seventh Rozen Maiden doll, Kirakishou has a disturbed mindset who, despite lacking a physical body, can still affect real world events. She can only exist in the N-Field, and has the ability to trap her sisters, including people’s consciousness, into the N-Field by sealing them into white crystals. She was later assembled by Jun, and Kirakishou refers to him as her “master”.

She was definitely one of the most memorable cosplayers who participated in the Oh No! Manga OCTO CON 2. Why, you ask? Well, she effectively scared me when she suddenly appeared in front of the judges table when I was looking for her on stage!

“Will you be my master?” she said… I may be getting a few more nightmares after this…

Source: 黑火子 ~Kurohiko

19 October 2013

Oh No! Manga: Cosplay Crazy 4

cosplayer jia gold bustamante in oh no manga octo-con 2

It has been confirmed that I will be one of the guest judges for Oh No! Manga OCTO-CON 2, alongside Miss Jia Gold Bustamante!

I’m not even sure why I said yes… I’m so nervous right now that I don’t know how I’ll get any sleep tonight.

Wish us luck! And see you soon!

18 October 2013

Sword Art Online: Kirito 06

sword art online cosplay kirito 6After two years of being trapped within Sword Art Online, Kirito became the infamously known as the Black Swordsman mainly due to his color choice in clothing. He proved to be a very skilled player as he became one of the “clearers” in game, participating in the front lines even when they reached the 74th floor. As a result, Kirito was awarded the unique skill, “Dual Blades” for having the fastest reaction speed in the game.

I love how the cosplayer also has the twin sword sheaths on their back. Not a lot of cosplayers would go through the trouble of making those sheaths, since they have a hard enough time making the swords! Thanks to Genie for sending this in!

Source: SAO 52pk

17 October 2013

Vocaloid 2: Hatsune Miku 48

vocaloid 2 cosplay hatsune miku by sakura noa散弾銃とテレキャスター 言葉の整列、アンハッピー
Shotgun and a Telecaster; words aligned, how unhappy.
単身、都会の町並み 撃ち込んだ音、嫌いですか?
All alone in the city, you hate the sound of a gunshot, don’t you?

声が潰れるまで歌って 何度の時間を棒に振った
The sound of my singing breaking apart, it wasted so much of my time.
やっとのこと手に入れたアンタ 手離す訳にいかないでしょ
With you falling in my hands, I cannot dare let you go.

“Unhappy Refrain”
Lyrics by Vocalochu
Translation by Hoshifura

Needless to say, deadlines have been eating away at your Cosplay Holic admin! But I do have some exciting news though! Oh No! Manga has invited me to become one of their guest judges for their cosplay competition at OctoCon. Frankly, I’m absolutely nervous about the idea, but I will do my best to judge fairly!

I just hope no one throws rotten tomatoes and eggs at me, haha!

Source: Sakura Noa on World Cosplay

07 October 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin: Hanji Zoe

shingeki no kyojin cosplay hanji zoe by kaye minwayeA hyperactive Squad Leader from the Scouting Legion, Hanji Zoe conducts research and experiments on Titans in order to further understand who or what they are up against. She is very passionate and driven, but can be a little too excited to the point that some of her subordinates think she may be a little crazy. She also enjoys discussing about her findings to others, but the lectures are often too detailed and long-winded that not many soldiers really care to listen.

Oh wow, this is just amazing! A modern, casual version of Shingeki no Kyojin’s crazy, mad scientist! Please be sure to check on Kaye Minwaye’s Facebook for more of her cosplays! Thanks to Miguel for sending this in!

Source: Kaye Minwaye on Facebook