25 November 2013

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Okita Souji 04

hakuoki shinsengumi kitan cosplay okita souji by ryuuseiki

Okita Souji drank the Water of Life hoping that it would cure his tuberculosis and allow him to return and fight alongside the Shinsengumi. Although he did become a Rasetsu, it was later discovered that he is unable to heal quickly when wounded by silver weapons. The accelerated healing process also shortens one’s lifespan, and it does not completely heal Souji of his fatal illness.

Another amazing cosplay by Ryuuseiki! I’m surprised this doesn’t have more likes on Deviant Art, I think it looks really good! Please show the cosplayer your support when you can! And thanks again to Lilibeth for sending this in!

Source: Ryuuseiki on Deviant Art

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