30 October 2012

Hakuoki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~: Hijikata Toshizo 02

hakuoki shinsengumi kitan cosplay - hijikata toshizo by reika
Source: World Cosplay

Fueled by rage after witnessing his fellow Shinsengumi warrior Inoue Genzaburo dead, Hijikata Toshizo decided to drink the Ochimizu and become a Rasetsu despite knowing the consequences simply to defeat Kazama Chikage. Even though Inoue had been killed by Satchou warriors of the Satsuma-Choushuu alliance, Hijikata blamed Chikage and started a duel as Chikage goads him.

Another amazing cosplay by Reika! And alright guys, because some people don’t seen to realize that most of my images are linked to the source, I’ve decided to add it in text, right below the photograph. Maybe this will clear things up, and hey, we have a new blog layout, how cool is that? Thanks again to Lira for sending this in!

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