15 July 2012

Samurai Deeper Kyo: Sarutobi Sasuke

samurai deeper kyo cosplay - sarutobi sasukeI found this while I was trying to find photos from my latest trip to Hong Kong.

You know you’ve found a lost treasure when Google Image Search can’t find a matching photo for the one you have, which is also unfortunate because I only saved a small resolution and I can’t read the text on the top right.

I don’t think any amount of photo enhancement can reveal what was written there. But as always, if you know who this is or where it’s originally from, please feel free to comment on this post. Thanks for your continuing support!

EDIT: Thanks to Syaza for letting me know this is Sarutobi Sasuke from Samurai Deeper Kyo!


  1. The character is Sarutobi Sasuke from Samurai Deeper Kyo :)

  2. Thanks Syaza! I can't believe I missed that when I'm reading the manga right now. xD