02 July 2012

Macross Frontier: Sheryl Nome 09

macross frontier cosplay - sheryl nome by aira

Even if this love is a lie, GO!
You only get one shot, so be HAPPY!

no more chance! no rules!

GETしたいから ラララ I all give it to you.
I want to GET you, lalala, I all give it to you.

3. Hey, I count down.
2. Are you ready?

1. 覚悟はどう?
1. Are you prepared?
0. 愛、鳴らして!
0. Let my love be heard!

What ‘bout my star?

“What ‘bout my star?” Lyrics and Translation by
Anime Lyrics

Another awesome cosplay by Japanese cosplayer Aira! She really doesn’t fail to impress with her cosplays.

I do apologize for the delay in posts lately. My internet connection has not been cooperating, and I’m this close to finding a new provider. In any case, thanks again to Lilica for sending this in!


  1. My kinda picture.... :3

    Because of the nice contrast to lighting and aperture and....

    OH WHO AM I KIDDING.... My kinda picture because she is SO HOT.