19 February 2011

Unknown Entry 088

unknown cosplay 88 from comiket 2010She’s probably one of the booth girls at Comiket 2010 who isn’t really cosplaying any character in particular, but you have to admit, she’s got a really great smile. And she’s so cute that I can’t help but feature her on Cosplay Holic.

Anyone have any idea what company she’s representing at least? Thanks again to Tamia for suggesting this!


  1. Seems to be a character from that game in the background. The chara on the wall has the same clothes on.

  2. After i saw this pic, it remembered me immediately to Musubi from Sekirei.

  3. Maya from Ace attorney? (Phoenix Wright in america)

  4. @anon: possibly, but I have no idea who the character in the background is. ;x;

    @Takki: Yeah, they are similar, but Musubi wears a different colored kimono... unless this is her alternate outfit?

    @anon: Haha, it would be cute if this is Maya! But I'm not too sure about it. x_x