06 February 2010

One Piece: Sanji and Nico Robin

unknown cosplay 042 - one piece cosplay - sanji and nico robinWith all the submissions I’ve received from Winter Comiket, I realize that I’m way behind on my anime and manga series.

Perhaps you guys can help me out with this one? I mean… I've seen a lot of bizarre anime series before, but what’s a chef and a cowgirl doing together?

I see a bunny girl and a Miku behind them... Haha! How terrible of me to know the ones in the background and not the foreground!

EDIT: Thanks to akadirgun for commenting that this is Sanji and Nico Robin of One Piece!


  1. One Piece: Sanji and Nico Robin...

  2. akadirgun has got it. More specifically I think it is Sanji from the G-8/Navarone anime filler and Nico Robin from... possibly one of her earlier appearances.

  3. No doubt...smoking cook with a cigar = Sanji!

    i guess the other is Robin but not sure!

  4. Sanji and Nico Robin for sure! One piece is just teh best XP

  5. i can sure its One Piece! A chef with smoke is surly Sanji and the cowgirl is Robin!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments! I appologize I didn't get to change this sooner! Crediting akadirgun for being the first to comment! ^_^