11 October 2009

D. Gray-man: Road Kamelot

d. gray-man cosplay - road kamelot

Known as the “Dreams” of Noah, Road Kamelot if the eldest child and ninth disciple who can travel through dimensions without using Noah’s Ark. She is the only one capable of programming Noah’s Ark as she is the oldest, despite her teenage-like appearance. Although she hates humans, she grows fond of Allen Walker, often seen kissing him when she meets him.

Beautiful cosplay! Her eyes are really captivating, and it makes me wonder where she got those contact lenses. Love the expression too, great work!

EDIT: Thanks to Soyoungim for commenting this cosplayer is Miyoc!


  1. This is one of Miyoc's cosplays. You can link her at http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=138109

  2. Oh, this is Miyoc?

    I'll add that to the categories, thanks Soyoungim~