07 October 2009

Naruto: Hyuga Neji 02

naruto cosplay - hyuga neji 02Highly proficient in the Gentle Fist style of combat, Neji is the prodigy of the Hyuga clan who has the ability to replicate the styl’e’s most powerful techniques through simple observation. He further refines these abilities and fix its inherent flaws.

Beautiful cosplay! I wish I could read the Chinese characters on the lower right as it’s probably the cosplayer’s name. Good job on this though!


  1. Sorry to say, this is a failiure, if you look at his forehead, there is the Nazi-sign, Neji Hyuuga does not own this sign as it is formerly a normal cross

  2. That really is good, and technically more accurate then any other. I just wish I could see more of the costume!

    To anonymous below, The Japanese version of Naruto has this symbol, it's not a swastika with the connotations of the Nazi regime but the original meaning of the symbol which is one of luck.

    See here for more information : http://www.leafninja.com/hyuuga.php
    It was changed for western audiences because of reactions such as your own. the Nazi's didn't invent that symbol, it has been around for an age.