23 August 2007

Prisoners Dancing to Haruhi-ism

Remember that time I posted a World-Wide version of the Haruhi Dance? Well, now the Philippines is in the spotlight. The very same prison that brought you Michael Jackson’s Thriller and the Algorithm March give you… Haruhi-ism!

This is apparently just practice… Should be interesting to see if they perform this seriously.

This is making me think I’m missing something for giving up on the anime… I need to try and find time to watch it again.

Article found from Kotaku and Dark Diamond.

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  1. Sux that their song is messed up :(

  2. What do you mean "messed up"? o.o;;;

  3. it was cut and replayed by the time the 3rd part should have kicked in :3

  4. oh oh~ Hahaha~ Maybe the full version of the dance hadn't come out yet at the time they were practicing? :D

  5. you can see the full version here...with colors too!