13 August 2007

I’s: Yoshizuki Iori 02

is cosplay - yoshizuki iori 2While I was looking through my old files, I came upon another picture of Iori. At first, I thought it was the same girl as before, but now, I’m not really so sure…

I’m really bad at recognizing faces… Quite honestly, when I meet someone new, it takes me about a week before I match the name with the face… Haha, yes, it is that bad!

Anyway, before I make myself a laughing stock of this community (again), it seems another debate will follow… Which Iori is better? This one on the post, or the previous one I shared back in July?

Personally, I like them both… Both cosplayers have similar features… And I think both look like Yoshizuki Iori… That’s the versatility of anime and manga I guess…

What do you guys think? You can do a side by side comparison by clicking the I’s Category if you want.

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