18 October 2014

Fisheye Placebo: Frey

fisheye placebo cosplay - frey by ted bin

Frey is a hacker and a student at Stuxent University that works with Robin and has succeeded in hacking Solar Eye's database. It is implied that Frey isn't his real name.

He is first shown in the second comic of Fisheye Placebo. He was with Robin discussing about Vance Lee and planning to pretend to be Robin to figure out whether or not Vance was a spy. After an embarrassing personal messaging stint, he concludes Vance is only a minor setback.

Source: Fisheye Placebo Wiki

You all probably know I have a weakness to violins, am I right? Well, I also have a weakness for the artist, Yuumei, so seeing this cosplay of one of her characters by Ted Bin gave me all the excited feels~!

Here’s the artwork paired with this cosplay. I hope there are fans of this series here too!

Source: Nyaa Photography on Facebook

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