02 April 2014

Cat’s Trail Rewind: Airee Collette

Airee Collete is our main character. She is the hero/anti-hero of Cat’s Trail. Cursed with kleptomania, she can never resist the urge to steal somebody’s belongings or any other important artifact. She also likes adventure and has a carefree, devil-may-care attitude. She is also a wanted criminal in 2 continents: The southern continent “Tarsierian” and its western neighbor “Papiris”. Her arch-nemesis Sheriff Poppy will stop at nothing to bring her to justice. She first appeared in Issue no.1 of course! ^_^

Source: Rusty’s Cat’s Trail Site

The artist behind this series, Elmer Damaso, became an inspiration to most Filipino artists who once only dreamed of diving into the local manga industry here in the Philippines. Culture Crash, an anime/manga magazine, became one of the pioneers of Philippine Manga, and “Cat’s Trail” was one of its stories.

You have no idea how much I love this character. And Miss Lin Ling makes a perfect Airee in her returning debut series, Cat’s Trail Rewind. I really hope this independent creation continues! Thanks to Kit Perez for the awesome photography!

Source: Kit Perez on Facebook

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