16 September 2013

Oboreru Knife: Mochizuki Natsume and Otomo Katsutoshi

I was actually hoping that someone somewhere would write a more detailed character profile for these two, but I’m been putting off this feature lone enough.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers. Please read at your own risk!

oboreru knife cosplay mochizuki natsume and otomo katsutoshi

After a certain stalking incident occurred due to her modeling work, Mochizuki Natsume stopped modeling all together and broke up her relationship with Hasegawa Kouichiro. Kouichiro’s childhood friend, Otomo Katsutoshi became close to her during this time and the two eventually started dating. Natsume later had enough courage to start her modeling work again.

This was submitted on Cosplay Holic’s Facebook Page earlier this year. I was planning to read this manga before I featured this but like I said, I’ve been putting it off long enough. Thanks to Salsa-chan for sharing this!

Source: Cosplay Holic on Facebook

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