09 January 2011

Gundam ZZ: Elpeo Puru

unknown cosplay 81 from winter comiket 2010 / mobile suit gundam zz cosplay - elpeo puruIt looks like a new flood of cosplays from Winter Comiket 2010 will be taking up a lot of feature space in Cosplay Holic once again! And of course, as far as Comiket goes, there are also a lot of new characters that I can’t identify, so I’ll be seeking help from my readers once again!

This cute girl caught my attention immediately, so I will let her do the honors of starting the features from this convention. Anyone have an idea who she could be? Thanks to Alex for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to Genevieve for letting me know this is Elpeo Puru from Gundam ZZ!


  1. This is Elpeo Puru from Gundam ZZ. ^^

  2. Thanks, Genevieve! I'll edit this right away~

  3. The cosplayer is Lenfried.