23 January 2011

Unknown Entry 083

unknown cosplay 83 from comiket 2010I've seen a lot of gothic lolita in conventions before, so it’s no surprise that Comiket would have a lot of them too! I’m hoping this kitty girl is from an anime, manga, or game because I really love her overall design!

Not to mention that she’s such an adorable cosplayer too!

Does anyone have any guesses? Thanks to Triscia for suggesting this!


  1. It looks a lot like a touhou character but I'm not too sure.

  2. Maybe she/he (im not sure) is cosplaying Sakuya izayoi from Touhou project but she/he can`t aford the wig

  3. Sorry!, i comment the wrong cosplay please erase my previous one ,the one who say is sakuya ,i was talking about the entry 066 ;W;!