19 April 2010

One Piece: Eneru

one piece cosplay - eneruThe God of Skypiea, an island in the clouds above the Grand Line, Eneru takes his title literally, forcing his followers to worship and serve him. Eating the Rumble Rumble Fruit gave him the ability to manipulate, generate, and transform into electricity. Additionally, he is also able to use Mantra which allows him to predict anyone's movement and to sense anyone's position within a certain range.

Beautiful cosplay! Stellatvia, the photographer contributed this some time ago, but it got lost in my spam filter! I'm so sorry about that, Stellatvia!

Also! This was taken in Germany's Connichi either in 2006 or 2009. I hope someone can identify this cosplayer so I can give proper credit!

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know this is raubkruemel from Germany!


  1. I like this.I was waiting for onepiece cosplay,exactly.
    FYI:in this pict,design of Eneru pants's similiar like an Indonesian batik.

  2. Oh, I've never seen the anime, so I have very little idea as to what the characters look like.

    I didn't know this was One Piece, actually. I had to look up the name "Enel" on Google, since that was the name of the photo Stellatvia gave me. ^_^

  3. I really really liked this cosplayer, I remember pretty well that she was a friendly person and we talked and laughed a lot :) Just wonder who she was; if I find out more about it, I'll let you know. ^_^

  4. Ooh~ She? Her pose seems so in character to me too...

    Well, from the pictures I see on the Internet anyway. :D

  5. Event: Connichi 2006 (Germany)
    Cosplayername: raubkruemel
    More photos: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/cosplay/kostuem.php?id=49271&alle=1&unterthema=0&ruecklink=thema.php%3Fthema%3D221%26amp%3Balle%3D1%26amp%3Bunterthema%3D0

  6. Yap. that was "Enel" The God of Skypiea. I'm a fan of Odacchi-sensei, of course, onepiece lover!!

    but...hold on! Enel cosplayer is a girl. wow!

  7. @anon: Thanks a lot! I'm not sure if this is the cosplayer's personal website, so I'll just add a tag for her for now!

    @Skilef: Uweh... looks like I need to find more One Piece cosplays if the series is this popular!