15 November 2009

Dead or Alive: Lei Fang

unknown cosplay 038, dear or alive cosplay - lei fangI actually know this one.

Or should know this one.

She's fairly famous, both the cosplayer and the character, but I've been beating my head about her for a month now and I still don't remember which fighting game she's from.

I must be getting old.

Someone please tell me what character she's cosplaying?

Pretty please?

...wasn't it a "Mai" something?

EDIT: Thanks to Sweet and Horror for commenting to say this is Lei Fang from the Dead or Alive Series!


  1. lol, look at the otaku dudes in the background. ;P

  2. Haha, yeah... Everyone's trying to get her picture. But I still can't remember what game she's from. :x

  3. Oh my, I noticed the otaku too: they're too cute XD They are so happy they don't believe their eyes X3
    I'm pretty sure the character is Lei Fang from the Dead or Alive videogames (this outfit is from the second one), but I unluckily don't know the cosplayer çwç

  4. Oh, thanks very much, Sweet and Horror! Now I can finally stop trying to figure out who she is! I'll edit this ASAP!

  5. the costpayer looks like Carmina Topacio.. :)

  6. maybe, she's the Chinese girl in Street Fighter.. I played it a number of times before..but i think she's wearing red there ;)