19 July 2009

Ragnarok Online: Gypsy

ragnarok online cosplay - dancer by photographer minh soiIn a total class in their own, the Dancers of Ragnarok Online capture the hearts of their audiences with their bodies and sense of rhythm. Legend has it that a wandering minstrel asked a dancer wot perform with her and enchanted her dance with magic. Because the dancer and minstrel made such a great combination, they continued on their journey together, taking over the World of Ragnarok.

Photographer Minh Soi is the genius behind this photo. The colors really pop out and you can see movement in the photo. Thank you for sharing this photo! You will find more of the photographers works in SmugMug.

EDIT: Thanks to anon for crediting Pijo Genjo as the cosplayer behind this Dancer from Ragnarok Online!

EDIT2: Thanks to Pijo for correcting me! This is not a dancer cosplay, but a gypsy! Sorry about that!


  1. this cosplayer looks strangely non asian....maybe it's the wig? lol...veery pretty photo!

  2. She's not Asian, nope... I feature non-Asian cosplayers too~ ♥

  3. Technically she's a gypsy :)

  4. This cosplayer is http://pijogenjo.deviantart.com/ .


  5. Thanks anon! I've edited the entry and informed her about this post. ^_^