15 June 2009

Dynasty Warriors 4: Xiao Qiao

dynasty warriors 4 cosplay - xiao qiaoIt's been a while since I last posted an unknown cosplay.

Usually, a girl with large fans make me think of Temari from Naruto. But this cosplayer is certainly nothing like Temari, and her fans have a pretty specific design on them.

And I have no idea what anime, manga, or game she's from. Anyone have any good guesses?

I croped the original photo that I found in Photobucket. You can view the full size here.

EDIT: Thanks to Light-chan for commenting that the cosplayer is Xiao Qiao from Dynasty Warriors!

EDIT 2: Thanks to anonymous for pointing out this particular costume came from Dynasty Warriors 4!


  1. The costume looks like something from an asian rpg...

    those are some awesome lookin fans....wow.

  2. that is xiao qiao from game: dynasty warrior :D
    she sure looks cute :)

  3. Oh, thanks, Light-chan! And yes, she's really very cute. :3

  4. i tot that is da qiao @@

  5. thats from dynasty warriors either da qiao or xiao qiao

  6. It's Xiao Qiao from Dynasty Warriors 4 to be exact! :D

  7. Thanks anon! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚ Editing this and adding a new tag for her!