16 June 2009

Naruto: Shippuden: Konan

naruto cosplay - konanThe only female ninja of Akatsuki, Konan is Nagato's partner and one of Jiraya's pupils. She is known as "God's angel" by the villagers of Amegakure since she serves under Pain. Her ability to divide her body into countless sheets of paper that she manipulates with her natural talent in origami allows her to scout through a large area, create weapons, and create angel like wings, reflecting her title. She withdraws from Akatsuki after the death of her partner.

Beautiful cosplay! My nephew decided to invade my PC one day and told me to feature this cosplay. He's very much into Naruto anime and manga at the moment, and this is one of his favorite characters I think. Pretty girls are of course, another of his favorites. Thanks, nephew~!


  1. Wow, really good cosplay. I like it!

  2. Really Pretty.....I Think My Heart Stopped When I Saw This?