22 December 2008

Ragnarok Online: Hunteress

unknown cosplay 023 - ragnarok online cosplay - huntress / female hunterI had gone to Marikina to accompany my Aunt and Uncle a few months back and was surprised to see some cosplayers in SM.

This girl was one of the many cosplayers who were at the ASUS event. I have no idea what series she’s from, but she’s good friends with the Dark Magician Girl cosplayer behind her. A lot of people were taking her picture too.

Any idea where she’s from?

EDIT: Thanks to Animoni for commenting that this is a Huntress from Ragnarok Online!


  1. It's a huntress from Ragnarok Online :P

  2. A huntress? Hm... I'll look for some images of the character then, thank you! :)

  3. Nope, I don't think this is Alodia. She has a lot of bodyguards when she goes out to cosplay, doesn't she?

  4. this is jobel... tza's sister.

  5. Does she have a website that I can link her to? Please and thank you~!