10 July 2008

The Legend of Zelda: Link and Princess Zelda

the legend of zelda cosplay - link and princess zeldaIt would seem that I need to go to more conventions some time this year as I am running out of cosplays to feature. :D

This one was sent in by a member of Sanriotown. I’m not certain which convention this was from, but I’ve never seen a more convincing cosplay of Link and Princess Zelda. This cosplay is from series’ latest installment, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” on the Nintendo Wii. Just look at the beautiful details of Link’s shield and Princess Zelda’s armor! It’s absolutely breath-taking! Nice Job!

This will also be featured in my other blog. :D Thanks for visiting guys!


  1. OMG THATS PIKMINLINK AND THEPRINCESSZELDA!!!!!! Pikminlink makes the BEST props!!!! (i think it was her who made BOTH costumes) u can find more link pictures at www.pikminlink.com she cosplayed the farmboy link from tp as well as oot's link and one other! u should check it out!
    p.s. i have no clue who the zelda is or anything about her. i heard she was called theprincesszelda.

  2. Oh, thank you so much for that information! I will look it up and update this entry as soon as I have the time! ^_^

  3. I think this was from FanimeCon 2009 in San Jose, CA. I recognize the carpet... ^^;

  4. Pikminlink is fairly well-renowned with some breath-taking cosplays, not only of Link. Although, I think she's done almost every version of Link made... Literally. :) The leatherwork, the sewing, the occassional quilting, and prop making is almost always done by herself, which makes the detail of her costumes spot on and of an unreal high quality. I believe her at TPZ (featured in this photo as well!) were both asked to come to E3 in costume to help advertise at the LoZ booth. Costumes aren't allowed at E3 unless you are staff. She also got her Link hat signed by the creator of the series. Pretty impressive! And well deserved, as you can see. :)

    I definitely recommend looking Pikminlink up on DeviantArt and peaking at some other costumes. ThePrincessZelda also has an astounding gallery of cosplays to admire.

  5. Actually TPZ made her own costume. Pikminlink helped weather the armor and helped a little bit with the crown, but I think that was it. And they weren't asked to go to E3 as awesome as that sounds. TPZ's boyfriend had connections with Nintendo and THEY asked if they could wear their costumes at the booth. After E3 Nintendo was delighted to have them back for ComicCon and PAX.