04 March 2008

Naruto: Mitarashi Anko

naruto cosplay - mitarashi ankoMitarashi Anko, a former student of Orochimaru and bearer of one of his “cursed seals” (Orochimaru’s jutsu). After learning that Orochimaru was merely using her as a tool, Anko left Orochimaru and allowed him to erase her memories of her time together with her teacher. She is now the proctor of the second phase of the chunin exams and hates Orochimaru with a passion.

Really love the simplicity of this cosplay. She really caught Anko’s character. Her pose and the composition of the photograph is nice too. Wish I could see more of the costume though…

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  1. I love you so much..??? if you don't wear underwear's suit..

  2. Hmm.. Anko wasn't wearing a bra in the manga was she?