12 March 2008

Chobits: Motosuwa Hideki and Chi

chobits cosplay - motosuwa hideki and chi

Aww… this is just too cute! Too bad we can’t see Chi’s face…

I am wondering why they’re in a girl’s room though. In the anime, Hideki and Chi live in an apartment, and it’s not a girl’s room, but rather, a guy’s room. Chi is, after all, Hideki’s persocom, and so she is the one living with Hideki.

And this picture makes it look like the exact opposite!

I’m not complaining though. It’s a really good picture, and I like it very much! Don’t you think it’s really cute they’re sharing one pajama?


  1. Toooo cute!!!!! They are soo good it's like seeing anime characters in real life!

  2. I just wish I had other pictures of them. They're amazing. *_*

  3. I KNOW THE CHI COSPLAYER O_O she's my girlfriend O_O

  4. wow xo nice,,!!!!