22 February 2008

Final Fantasy VIII: Rinoa Heartilly 02

final fantasy 8 cosplay - shirokumapan rinoa heartilly Hm… What do you guys think? Does Shirokumapan rival Shibata Ina’s version of Rinoa?

I honestly can’t decide the two of them… I suppose there’s also the problem that in the original game, it’s a bit difficult to know Rinoa’s “true” personality when we never heard her talk! But I think Shirokumapan and Shibata Ina both do a brilliant job portraying her!

View more of Shirokumapan’s cosplays in her personal website.


  1. What a beautiful cosplayer. Perfect.

  2. You're so perfect beautiful! Wanna be your boyfriend ^^

  3. The most beautiful Rinoa cosplayer~

  4. This Is Awesome!!! I Mean It!