13 December 2007

Trinity Blood: Dietrich von Lohengrin

trinty bloog cosplay - dietich von lohengrinThe sadistic Puppet Master who thinks of people as merely his toys, Dietrich von Lohengrin is described to be a genius with an angelic face and a demonic heart. He is also the only known Terran in the Rosen Kreuz Orden.

As a young child, his father had realized Dietrich’s evil nature and tried to kill him. Dietrich ended up killing his father as well as his entire family at a young age. He joined Rosen Kreuz Orden later at the age of 7 and became a high ranking official in the age of 10.

Such an impressive cosplay! I found this in a website that features a ton of Trinity Blood cosplays! Make sure you guys visit! I’ll post a few more from them soon.

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