25 June 2007

Rozen Maiden: Suiseiseki

rozen maiden cosplay - suiseiseki

Meet Jesuke, cosplayer extraordinaire. I found her in Deviant Art, and she makes the best costumes I’ve ever seen. She can portray both male and female characters beautifully, and makes sure every detail of her cosplay is just right.

This is one of my favorite pictures of hers. She’s cosplaying Suiseiseki of the Rozen Maiden series. Notice that one of her eyes is red, and the other is green. That’s because Suiseiseki has a twin named Souseiseki. They both have red and green eyes, and for whichever twin has the one color on the left, the other will have on the right.

Make sure you visit Jesuke’s Site in Deviant Art for more of her cosplay pictures!

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