21 June 2007

Naruto: Haruno Sakura

naruto cosplay - haruno sakuraI’ve seen many people attempt to portray Haruno Sakura from Naruto. And in my *ehem* unfortunate experience, they either don’t get it right or they’re just trying to hard.

Sakura is a fun character to cosplay. She’s a headstrong, very intelligent, and if she doesn’t get her way, you better run.

How could Sasuke resist such a cute girl? Beauty and brains, and still he prefers revenge…

I love her dress and her hair… Her eyes look like they can pierce your soul… But I begin to wonder…

Why are her nails painted neon green..?

Image was first found on the Anime Illusions Forums.

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  1. Sakura actually wears green nail polish (both hands and feet) in some of the illustrations in the Naruto official art book. Kishimoto seems to have a thing for nail polish (check out Haku and the Akatsuki lol).

  2. Oh really? I had no idea... I've never really seen Naruto before, but nephew is really into it. ^^

  3. If only her flickr had hires images... x-x

  4. This is one of the older cosplay photos I found, so there weren't any high-res images to go with it. :(