25 May 2016

Brave 10: Kamanosuke Yuri

brave 10 cosplay - kamanosuke yuri by hThe leader of a group of brigands, Kamanosuke Yuri is a bloodthirsty individual who enjoys killing people. Despite constantly proclaiming he is is male, his feminine appearance causes a lot of confusion about his gender. Even more confusing is the fact that he later develops a crush on Kirigakure Saizo, the leader of the Sanada Ten Braves. During an illusion, Yuri is portrayed as a princess who is in love with a male servant.

I was actually hoping this was a cosplay of Kenshin, but of course, he probably wouldn’t wear nail polish, would he? This character is very interesting though, isn’t he? I guess characters who are confusing gender-wise are very popular!

If you like this cosplay, please support Taiwanese cosplayer, H, though her Blog, Facebook, and World Cosplay! Thanks again to Sierra for sending this in!

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