08 May 2012

The Rose of Versailles: Lady Oscar François de Jarjayes 02

the rose of versailles cosplay - lady oscar francois de jarjayes 2 by bluewaterAlthough raised as a boy by her father, Lady Oscar has no reason to pretend to be a man because most of those at Versailles know that she is a woman. She fell in love with Hans Axel von Fersen, a Swedish count, who unfortunately only had eyes for the queen and thus treated Oscar like a friend without knowing her true feelings for him. When the revolution began, André Grandier confessed to Oscar that he loved her, and she realized that she loved him too.

Another beautiful cosplay by Bluewater! This is apparently her most favorite costume as well as her most expensive one. Please visit her website for more of her works! Thanks again for allowing me to post this!

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