11 September 2010

Hetalia: Axis Powers: Igiko

unknown cosplay 62 from comiket 2010 - hetalia: axis powers cosplay - igikoAnother cute school girl with an outfit I really like. I actually have a skirt just like that, but I think hers has suspenders to go with it.

If anyone has any idea who this blond, twin-tailed, meganeko from Comiket 2010 is, please do let me know! Thanks guys!

…wait, is that Bugs Bunny on her tie?

EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know she's Igiko or the female version of England from Hetalia: Axis Powers!


  1. i think she is igiko (england fem. ver) from gakuen hetalia

  2. I believe this is the gender bended version of England from Hetalia. ^_^

  3. I really admire your blog. The way you post and the way you interact with us. You're very open to all your readers. Thanks for being helpful to us. Also, thanks for your Bleach Cosplayers Section. Bleach is my favorite Anime. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for the info guys! The post has been updated. I hope you leave your names next time though! ^_^