11 April 2011

Vampire Knight: Shiki Senri

vampire knight cosplay - shiki senri by karakuri-nin

One of the youngest students in the Night Class, Shiki Senri works as a model alongside Touya Rima during the day while attending his classes at night. He is often seen hunting Level E vampires; once with Takuma and another with Rima. It is later revealed that Shiki is actually the son of Kuran Rido, and the cousin of Kaname and Yuki.

Awesome Shiki cosplay by Karakuri-nin! The expression on the cosplayer’s face is absolutely priceless, as Shiki always looks bored whenever he needs to drink blood tablets. Thanks to Grace for sending this!


  1. nice!
    my .fav vampire knight character


  2. Diz is da bst cosplay i ave eva cn n will eva c!!!!!! mi fav. Vampire Knight character!!!!:-D ^_^