25 April 2011

Fate/Stay Night: Saber 06

Saber's full name is Arturia Pendragon, the daughter of British King Uther Pendragon and Igraine, a former Duchess of Cornwall. During her nativity, her father realized that his subjects would never accept a female as their legitimate ruler and thus decided not to publicly announce Arturia’s birth or gender. She was then entrusted by Merlin to a loyal knight, Sir Ector, who raised Arturia as a surrogate son.

I always found this story to be so sad, seeing Saber shunned because she was born female. Thanks to Lirica for sending this!

EDIT: Thanks to Leah for letting me know the cosplayer's name is Maridah! Please visit her website for more of her cosplay photos!


  1. impressive!
    love the Saber reenactment!
    the hair and outfit is perfect! =D
    and the cosplayer is cute too.
    I'd love to see her other works. Would you please inform me? Thanks! ^^

  2. this girl is perfect as Saber. beautiful!
    also like to see other works

  3. I would just like to point out that the cosplayer is Maridah (http://www.maridah.com/), she has done many more of Saber's versions and some people have dubbed her "Real Life Saber"

  4. Thank you for sharing the info lea siu, i noticed she's going to anime expo to this year, maybe i can get a picture <3 she realy does makes a perfect saber !

  5. Thanks Leah! I'll link her site to this feature. :)