26 April 2011

Vocaloid 2: Kagamine Len 07

vocaloid 2 cosplay - kagamine len 7Kagamine Len is currently the only male Vocaloid with Appends assigned to him. They added an additional 6 voicebanks in the Append on top of the originals; a total of 10 voicebanks and the most of any Vocaloid. The Kagamine’s Append was split and 3 recorded in two different scales for Rin and Len accordingly.

This is a pretty awesome costume for Len. I wonder where it’s from? Thanks to Tina for sharing this!


  1. Although it hasn't been released yet, Kaito is also getting Appends, so Len isn't the only male Vocaloid with Appends anymore.

    Also, this outfit is an obtainable outfit for Len in Project Diva 2nd.

  2. It's an attainable outfit, shown here in "Magnet" from Project Diva 2:


  3. It's not Len Append. It's Len's Punkish Outfit. A module from the game Project Diva 2nd. :D

  4. I have no idea what version of Len this is... I just write what I can about Len with whatever legitimate articles I find about them. xD

    I am beginning to run out of facts about these Vocaloids with all their awesome cosplays. ;A;

  5. i...my cosplay picture...i look like this?all the time?this...is...teribble.i look fat X( gotta start working out >:3