14 April 2011

Final Fantasy XIII: Serah Farron

final fantasy xiii cosplay - serah farronAn 18-year old human from Cocoon, Serah Farron was born in Bodhum and is the younger sister of Lightning. After the loss of their parents, Lightning’s decision to raise Serah on her own unfortunately caused tensions between them. Worse, Serah’s engagement to Snow Villiers caused even more conflict as Lightning strongly objected to their relationship.

Cute cosplay! I mean, who doesn’t love pink hair, right? Thanks to Mist for sending this!

1 comment:

  1. I know it would be creepy or weird if I tried to touch her without her consent. But would it STILL be weird/creepy if I were in a Snow costly and then tried to get close? I mean, this girl is one of the prettiest Serah cosplay I've ever seen.