22 April 2011

Vampire Knight: Kuran Kaname 11

vampire knight cosplay 11 - kuran kaname by taruki blackstein

Once noble king of all vampires who was loved by most and feared by many, Kuran Kaname has become a fugitive with his current act of killing powerful purebloods as well as Aido Hanabusa's father, thought to be Kaname’s ally. With his current whereabouts and true intentions unknown, anger and fear begin to grip the hearts of both vampires and vampire hunters alike; with Kuran Yuki and Kiryuu Zero taking different approaches to calm the coming storm.

Impressive cosplay by Takuki Blackstein! I just knew I had to feature this photo the first time I saw it... I'm only sorry it took so long! Thanks to Taruki for allowing me to post this!

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  1. Thanks 4 sharing~ pretty cool borrowed share~ thxs a lot