06 May 2010

Naruto: Hyuga Hinata 02

naruto cosplay - hyuga hinata 02

A member of Team 8 who suffers from a lack of self-confidence all throughout the series, Hyuga Hinata was disowned by her father at a young age because of her inability to stand up for herself. As a result, she was expelled from the Hyuga clan even though she is the eldest daughter of the clan's leader and its heiress. She begins training under her teacher and guardian, Yuhi Kurenai, to become a stronger person and prove her worth to her father.

Cute cosplay! Though I think like her brother Neji, her eyes are supposed to be white. A minor difference, in my opinion, as it is an unnatural color. Thanks to Ritchie for sending this in!


  1. It's good cosplay! She looks so innocent!

  2. they aren't siblings.

  3. Whoops! My bad... let me edit that out. ^^;