29 May 2010

The Twelve Kingdoms: Renrin

unknown cosplay 53 / the twelve kingdoms cosplay - renrin aka ren taihoI had to skip last week's Unknown Cosplay Section because I didn't have any more unknowns until today.

I found this photo in my old hard drive. I didn't even know I still had cosplay photos in there! This is quite possibly very old already, so anyone's guess with who this girl is cosplaying is as good as mine.

Yes, I have absolutely no idea who the character is, so feel free to discuss this over at the comments section!

Also, we have the final results in Cosplay Holic's Poll! 168 votes total in only 30 days! You guys are amazing! Thanks for taking the time to vote! The winning vote is for me to update twice a day with 42%, and the runner up is the regular update of once a day at 36%!

cosplay holic poll - 05292010I honestly don't know if I have enough cosplays from you guys to maintain a twice a day update, but I promise I will work very hard to reach this goal! For now, though, I may need to stick to once a day. That twice a day option was suppose to be a joke, but I guess the joke's on me now!

Thanks again to everyone who voted and especially to those who send me cosplay photos! Until the next update!

EDIT: Thanks to Reichan for commenting this character is Renrin also known as Ren Taiho from the series "The Twelve Kingdoms"!


  1. Aye, no idea, but looks good nonetheless!

  2. I believe this is Renrin or also known as Ren Taiho from an older anime called the Twelve Kingdoms



    She's a pretty obscure character.

  3. Thanks, Reichan! I tried to look for more information about the character but I didn't find much. I edited the entry anyway. ^_^

  4. Renrin doesn't have her own book translated. I don't know if she has her own book at all, actually.

  5. No, Renrin is one of the Kirin, specifically the Kirin of the country of Ren. She is a very brief character, only showing up in the books with Taiki as she helped him move between worlds.

    A snippet about Kirin from Wiki:
    "Kirin (麒麟): The holy creature that is bound to and chooses the ruler of each kingdom. It resembles a white-horned deer. A kirin also possesses a human form. Kirin have the power to create Shoku, great storms in which kaikyaku (people from our world) are transported to the twelve kingdoms by, and mieshoku, small shoku a kirin can create, in some cases, to transport hims or herself between Over here (our world) and Over there(the twelve kingdoms). A kirin will only bow before his or her ruler. Kirin are named after the kingdom that they are bound to, with "ki" and "rin" used for male and female kirin, respectively. (The male kirin of Tai is named Taiki and the female kirin of Hou is named Hourin.)"

    Renrin is only viewed when helping Taiki, she's a very pretty Kirin, but only shows up briefly in probably two episodes of the anime.

    Here's another Wiki clip more specifically about Renrin:

    "In contrast to him, his kirin Renrin is very proper and places a lot of emphasis on propriety. She possesses an imperial treasure: the Gogoukanda ("Serpent Bracelet of Empowerment"), a bracelet that connects the world of the Twelve Kingdoms to Hourai without creating a shoku. It was used to return Taiki to Mt. Hou.

    In the novel Kasyo no Yume-Toei (Dreams of Kasyo - Prosperity in Winter), Taiki thanks Renrin and the king of Ren for bringing him back to Tai. Renrin is also instrumental in The Shore in Twilight (and by extension, in Demon Child) in searching for Taiki when he disappears to Japan again."

    Sorry about the length but I love the Twelve Kingdoms and think it's an anime or novel (for it is a novel, not a manga) that everyone should partake in despite it being of the older variety.