14 May 2010

Star Ocean 4: Arumat P. Thanatos

star ocean 4 the last hope cosplay - arumat p. thanatosAn Eldarian warrior blessed with extraordinary fighting ability, even by Eldarian standards, Arumat is unfortunately ill with an incurable disease. His muscle cells are breaking down, which has forced him to choose between giving up his current body or dying and early death. Now 26, he chose to live out the rest of his life for redemption of the lives of the men he lost along the way. He was only 17 when his entire troop was destroyed after a battle with the phantoms, leaving him as the sole survivor of the attack.

Cosplayer Kashino Rei, who is the same cosplayer behind Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle's Sakura cosplay contacted me to correct the info I posted about her previous cosplay. Not surprising, she has a lot of great cosplays in her Deviant Art account, and this is one of my favorites. Thanks also to her photographer, Christoph Gerlach for the awesome photography!


  1. ily Arumat

    This is a great cosplay.

  2. that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time

  3. Thanks for this post, it is great