12 May 2010

D. Gray-Man: Kanda Yu 04

d. gray-man cosplay - kanda yu 04Kanda Yu is a Second Exorcist, created in the Synthetic Disciple Project Central forced onto the Chan and Epstein families nine years past. Because of this, he can see lotus flowers blooming wherever he goes. In the anime adaptation, these flowers act as an hourglass indicating his lifespan. The flowers begin to lose its petals as he approaches his death.

Cosplay Holic reader Materialistique sent this over and needless to say, I was shocked. It may be just a profile picture, but you can really tell that it's Kanda from D. Gray-Man! Thanks Materialistique!

Now the only problem is, the cosplayer's name is also Miyoc, but she is the President of CNcos - Chinese New COS group from Shanghai and not the Miyoc I have tagged in Cosplay Holic. Since making a new tag in all caps is not going to work in Blogger, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks guys!


  1. Awesome cosplay!

    And a suggestion: Write CNcos Miyoc or something.

  2. This Is REALLY Good!

  3. *O* She is my favourite cosplayer. I have a blog dedicated to her. This is the link:


  4. when I first saw this, I fell in love with it. but as I read the comments below.... I discover, he is a SHE!!? whadda!