16 May 2010

Metroid Prime: Samus Aran 02

metroid prime cosplay - samus aran 02As a child, Samus spent most of her time with her family in the mining planet known as K-2L. Unfortunately, the planet was raided by Space Pirates looking for bounty and killed most of the people in the colony. This included Samus' parents, who were killed by the Space Pirate's leader, Ridley. The planet was eventually destroyed, and the orphaned Samus was left to fend for herself. Incidentally, she was found by the bird-like alien race known as the Chozo and was taken to their home planet Zebes where she trained to become a warrior and seek her revenge.

Beautifully detailed Samus from Sweden's Uppcon 2008! I'm actually wondering if she's Jenni Källberg, the same Samus cosplayer I featured in 2007. Thanks again to Vea for the Uppcon photos!


  1. Nicely made. Though the whole "after battle effect" kind of looks cheap...

  2. I can also tell you that, if I remember correctly, she won the award for best costume that year ^__^

  3. Aha~ And it's no surprise that she did... it's an awesome costume! I think I should add that into the entry...