19 May 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Kairi 02

kingdom hearts cosplay - kairi 02

Originally a resident of Radient Garden, Kairi encountered Aqua and Mickey at the young age of five. This was because the light in her heart made her a target of the Unversed. She was sent to Destiny Island some time later when Xehanort performed a gruesome experiment; he forced all six apprentices of Ansem the Wise to rip their hearts out which caused them to be invaded by darkness.

Cosplayer *Shiya is the cosplayer and designer of this unique version of Kairi. She has named it "Broken love Halloween Kairi" and Muze is her photographer. Thanks to Dahanna for sending this in!


  1. Some people have issues when a cosplayer creates a costume that is not canon to an anime/game series and claims that it is not cosplay.

    I disagree however, especially when cosplayers like in the picture above like to be creative and try to bring their original interpretation of a character to life.

    A very beautiful cosplay take on Kairi if she were to be in Halloween Town :)