21 May 2010

Macross Frontier: Brera Sterne

macross frontier cosplay - brera sterne / brera meiThe mysterious pilot of the crimson VF-27 variable fighter, Brera is a cyborg whose memories have been modified some time ago. The only thing he does remember from his past is Ranka's song "Aimo", the first part of which he can play with his harmonica. He is very protective of Ranka but is uncertain with the reason behind his actions.

Beautiful cosplay and wonderful photography once again by Hexlord! I wonder if the cosplayer actually has a harmonica or is just posed to appear as if s/he has one? Thanks to Joanne for sending this in!


  1. Oh thanks for featuring it haha! :D

  2. Thanks for the contribution, Joanne! Sorry it took me a while... there are a lot of emails coming in! *_*;;;